EV Chargers

Electric vehicle Charger Installation, single or multi fleet charger Installations & Infrastructure Upgrades


MatLex Systems are qualified installers for all types of EV Chargers.  Many companies wishing to install multiple EV chargers need to consider the load impact on their electrical installation and what infrastructure upgrades may need to be implemented before the chargers can be installed.  MatLex Systems will undertake a full survey and feasibility study of your site before a proposal is submitted.  We handle the communications with your local supply authority which means you can relay on a one stop shop solution when getting ready to make that switch.  It is very important that your earthing system and electrical installation type is evaluated FIRST and your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is informed BEFORE you get permission to install.

  • Single & Multi EV charger Installations for single use or company fleets.
  • Electrical System infrastructure feasibility studies undertaken.
  • Electrical System upgrades to accommodate single or multiple EV Chargers.
  • Dynamic & Static Systems Installed.
  • Load balancing and networked EV Chargers designed and installed.
  • DNO applications included.
  • Installers of Schneider, Rolec, Project EV Pro, Siemens and all other major manufacturers.